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wonders to unfold, it is our Passion to bring to you the amazing secrets that Indonesia can offer..



We export high quality Indonesian coffee beans  and Nuts.  We are authorized exporter of East Forest Kenari Nuts to Singapore, Japan, Thailand, and Canada.  We are passionate to introduce to you the amazing fine materials that Indonesia can offer. 

Export Markets

We currently export to Singapore, Japan, Canada, and are capable to export globally,  We  can use air freight for small qty - for more than 3 pallets shipment, Ocean Freight - LCL, full container and/or Reefer.  We will bring to you what Indonesia can offer to your market professionally.  Our international clients are those who are well recognized as organic oriented premium grocery stores. 

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Store in Jakarta

Batavia Coffee & Nuts is operated and managed by our company.  The store is located in Kemang, Jakarta.  Our customers are very health conscious, coffee enthusiasts and enjoys local delicacy. As we run the store operation serving our customers, we know well about the products that we export, and its quality. 

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Specialty Coffee Drip Series 

Indonesia Arabica Beans Single Origin Coffee now available in Coffee Drip 

PT.Batavia Kopi Ekspor - We export only Indonesia's finest Coffee Beans and Organic Nuts to specialty coffee and nuts buyers worldwide. We are highly capable in procuring, providing and delivering high quality Coffee beans, Cashew nuts, Cacao nibs, and Kenari nuts (the recently discovered super food that is Keto-diet friendly and only found in the remote islands of Indonesia) for the export market. Our competitive advantage is the direct sourcing network we have built over the last decade avoiding the myriad of middle traders that can always create uncertainties in procurement in terms of Quality, Quantity and Price.   We have high standard in ethics and sound business principles, and are looking forward to working with international clients who are interested in the unique and healthy organic products that Indonesia can offer.

Latest News

East Forest Kenari Nuts acquired JAS Organic certified by Ecocert Japan  Jan 27 2021

Our Importer Company in Japan

Batavia Trading Co.,Ltd. is appointed as our Importer effective July 1, 2020

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