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We specialize in Indonesian Grade 1 Coffee beans, Cacao nibs, Cashew, and Organic Kenari Nut - all from Indonesia, nothing else.  We export both Green beans and roasted for coffee.   We are also the authorized exporter and distributor of East Forest Kenari Nuts, organic packaged products produced by PT.Kawanasi Sehat Dasacatur for Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Canada markets.   We only offer finest Indonesia origin products. 


Coffee Green Beans

We are capable to offer you the best Indonesia Arabica and Robusta. Grade 1 coffee beans that would quality for "specialty coffee" . Current crop, New crop mostly..  We also can offer natural sun dried high quality beans. 


Kenari Nuts

We will start exporting bulk pack Kenari Nuts this fall.  These are not roasted nuts but dried, to keep high nutrition.  Only East Forest is capable to do so. This will be also EU Organic and USDA Organic certified. 


Jika Chocolat

Finest selection of Cacao by a bean to bar artisanal chocolate maker Jika Chocolat.

Globally competitive quality,  

Export products along with Cacao Tea


Roasted Beans

We can export also Roasted beans. It will be packed with 1 kg valve package, after freshly roasted of your choice. We recommend Full city roast. It will be fresh up to 12 months.  We can offer Blend beans or Single origin. 


East Forest Kenari Nuts

Amazing Nuts, the world not yet have tried. This is certainly Indonesia's best kept secret super food.  USDA, EU, JAS Organic certified. 

All Indonesia origin organic material. 

Drip 4.jpg

Coffee Drip Series

Batavia:s Specialty Coffee Drip series.  Indonesia's finest coffee beans drip. Toraja Sapan and Toraja Sapan Luwak. This Luwak drip is 100% Luwak.


Available for export market. 

Cashew Nuts Main photo.JPG

Cashew Nuts

We have access to fine quality cashew nuts - directly sourced from small farms in Indonesia. High quality - roasted cashew.  Plain cashew and Cacao powdered Cashew nuts in bulk are available. 


Cacao Nibs

Not easy to find fine cacao, but we are capable to export the best cacao nibs in Indonesia. Sourcing from selected farmers, also Roasting technique is crucial. we can supply the best. (not always available). 


Organic Tea

We have organic Tea for export. 

Black Tea, Green Tea, Jasmine Tea.  EU Organic, USDA Organic, JAS Organic certified. 

Fine Quality Indonesian Organic Tea. 

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