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Aceh Gayo Wine Coffee

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What is Aceh Gayo Wine Coffee?

It is uniquely generated in Indonesia. A single origin coffee that lets you enjoy an aroma and aftertaste of Wine. This can be achieved by the combination of using postharvest beans, which are from overripe coffee cherry fruit, followed by a 25 days fermentation process followed by the natural sundried process. Proper roasting also plays an important role.

Coffee Data:

Altitude: 1,500 to 1,600m

Process: Natural Sundried 

Origin: Pegasing, Central Aceh

Tasting Note:

Medium Acidity, Medium Body,  Clean after taste with sweet winey hint

Enjoy this Premium  Coffee!!

We, Batavia, have spent last 2 years to find the fine wine coffee beans that we like and managed to secure the sourcing.

Enjoy the Wine Coffee from Batavia Kopi Ekspor. 

 250 g wholebeans

Roasting Medium

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